Certified Organic Apples For Sale

Our fresh juicy certified organic apples are ready to eat! Contact Us to buy our locally grown apples.


#1 Quality $2/lb       (Sensation at $2.50/lb)

Slight Blemish at $1.50/lb.

Apple Varieties:

Sensation                                         Norkent/Norda H

Festive Treat                                    Autumn Delight

Grannie Annie                                 Misty Rose

Carlos Queen                                   Norland (Sold Out)

SK Prairie Sun (Sold Out)            2 unnamed varieties


Prairie Sensation

Misty Rose

Misty Rose and Prairie Sensation

The Cherries Are Ready! Upick



Upick Cherries


Cupid, Romeo and Juliette Cherries $12.50/pail

Carmine Jewel $10/pail

Bonus: pick a pail of green beans free for each pail of cherries while supplies last.

Open Mon-Sat. Call or text 306 232 2156.

February 2016

We are still happy to have produce available for you now in February 2016!

Produce and prices below:


Potatoes $20 for 25 lb, $45 for 75 lb

($.75/lb Saskatoon & all other areas)


Pie Pumpkins $3 each, 4 for $10.00


Carrots $7.00 for 5 lb ($1.40/lb), $22 for 20 lb ($1.10/lb)

($1.60/lb Saskatoon & all other areas)

Carrot Deal: $45 for 75 lb- Larger and or slightly deformed carrots.

(Carrots outside surface are somewhat damaged in washing process.)

Products still available as of December 2015:

Carrots $7.00 for 5 lb ($1.40/lb) $22 for 20 lb ($1.10/lb) ($1.60/lb Saskatoon & all other areas)
Potatoes $20 for 25 lb $45 for 75 lb ($.75/lb Saskatoon & all other areas)

Spaghetti Squash $3 each 4 for $10.00
Large Zucchini $3 each 4 for $10.00
Pie Pumpkins $3 each 4 for $10.00

Carrot Deal: $45 for 75 lb
(Outside surface somewhat damaged in washing process)

Carrot Harvest 2015


Here is a short video of carrot harvest 2015:






Rows of carrots








The long rows of carrots. This year we rented several acres of sandy land a couple of miles south of our house. The carrots were planted with a one row garden seeder. Weeding took place on hands and knees down all the long rows. Needless to say, it took a long time!










Through out the season the carrots were watered with a high-pressure sprinkler system from the nearby Arma slough.





Getting ready for harvesting.





Getting ready for a day of harvesting. The harvester pulls the carrots, takes the tops off, and then conveys them over to crates that we built to store the carrots in.





Big carrots!





We had some big carrots, some were much larger than these average sized ones!





Carrot washer.





We built a carrot washer a few years ago but it was starting to need repairs on a regular basis plus getting small for our needs. Because of this, we built this new washer which is about 3 times as big as the old one.










The carrot washer in action.










Joshua and Jesse also built a pallet dumper to dump crates of carrots. The pallet dumper is attached to the skidsteer which we purchased, and allows us to rotate the crates. In this picture Andrew is dumping carrots into tote bags for storage. We were thankful to have finished carrot harvesting on October 26th.