Certified Organic Apples For Sale

Our fresh juicy certified organic apples are ready to eat! Contact Us to buy our locally grown apples.


#1 Quality $2/lb       (Sensation at $2.50/lb)

Slight Blemish at $1.50/lb.

Apple Varieties:

Sensation                                         Norkent/Norda H

Festive Treat                                    Autumn Delight

Grannie Annie                                 Misty Rose

Carlos Queen                                   Norland (Sold Out)

SK Prairie Sun (Sold Out)            2 unnamed varieties


Prairie Sensation

Misty Rose

Misty Rose and Prairie Sensation

The Cherries Are Ready! Upick



Upick Cherries


Cupid, Romeo and Juliette Cherries $12.50/pail

Carmine Jewel $10/pail

Bonus: pick a pail of green beans free for each pail of cherries while supplies last.

Open Mon-Sat. Call or text 306 232 2156.

February 2016

We are still happy to have produce available for you now in February 2016!

Produce and prices below:


Potatoes $20 for 25 lb, $45 for 75 lb

($.75/lb Saskatoon & all other areas)


Pie Pumpkins $3 each, 4 for $10.00


Carrots $7.00 for 5 lb ($1.40/lb), $22 for 20 lb ($1.10/lb)

($1.60/lb Saskatoon & all other areas)

Carrot Deal: $45 for 75 lb- Larger and or slightly deformed carrots.

(Carrots outside surface are somewhat damaged in washing process.)