2019 Produce and Vegetables

Naturally grown produce and vegetables now available! Order Now at 306-232-2156 (text/call) or thederksenfamily.com/Farm/contact-us/

Certified Organic Apples – $10/ 5lbs. (+$2 for Sensation)
Carrots – $8/ 5lbs.
Onions – $1.40/lb.
Potatoes – $.85/lb. or $18/ 25lb.
Beets – $1.40/lb.
Squash – $3 each


Prices are for pickup/local delivery and are subject to change.

2017 Certified Organic Apples For Sale

Our fresh juicy certified organic apples are ready to eat! Contact Us to buy our locally grown apples.

#1 Quality $2/lb       (Sensation at $2.50/lb)

Slight Blemish at $1.50/lb.

Apple Varieties:

Sensation                                         Norkent/Norda H

Festive Treat                                    Autumn Delight

Grannie Annie                                 Misty Rose

Carlos Queen                                   Norland

SK Prairie Sun                                 2 unnamed varieties


The Cherries Are Ready! U-Pick

U-pick Cherries


Cupid, Romeo and Juliette Cherries $12.50/pail

Carmine Jewel $10/pail

Bonus: pick a pail of green beans free for each pail of cherries while supplies last.

Open Mon-Sat. Call or text 306 232 2156.