The Derksen Family

Sing unto the Lord, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day. Psalm 96:2

2017 Schedule

Please note that we sing where we are invited, however, not all locations share our beliefs. This schedule only includes programs where all or at least a few of our family members are involved.

We are currently booking programs for 2020 please contact us if you are interested.


21- 2:00 pm Funeral, Saskatoon, SK


13- 2:00 pm Funeral, Rosthern, SK
26- 6:30 pm Bethany Pioneer Village, Middle Lake, SK
28- 7:30 pm Caleb Village, North Battleford, SK


11- 10:30 am Creation Celebration, Emmanuel Church, North Battleford, SK
17- 7:00 pm SLM Fundraiser, Fairhaven Bible Chapel, Saskatoon, SK
23- 2:30 pm Lakeview Pioneer Lodge, Wakaw, SK


9- 9:45 am Home for Aged & Nursing Home Church services, Rosthern, SK
23- 7:00 pm Praise Night, Forest Grove Community Church, Saskatoon, SK
25- 7:00 pm MDS Info Night, Bergthaler Church, Warman, SK
30- 11:00 am Humboldt Alliance, SK
30- 7:00 pm Luther Heights Concert, Saskatoon, SK


6- 6 pm Shekinah Fundraising Banquet, Mt Royal Mennonite, Saskatoon, SK
9- 7:00 pm Mother's Day Program, Care Home, Langham, SK
14- 7:00 pm Cowboy Church, Senior Center, Rosthern, SK
21- 7:00 pm Gospel Music Night, Community Church, Candle Lake, SK
28- 7:00 pm Harry Lande Court, Saskatoon, SK


11- 11 am Evangelical Church Picnic, Rosthern, SK


2- 11:00 am Manitou Lake Service, Watrous, SK
5- 7:00 pm YFBC Camp Concert, Rosthern, SK
28- 7:30 pm Rodeo Gospel Evening, Jubilee Sports Centre, Rosthern, SK


13- 10:00 am Rheinland Bergthaler Church, Hague, SK
13- 2:00 pm Bethany Days, Middle Lake, SK
27- 7:00 pm Gospel Service, Legion Hall, Battleford, SK


10- 10:30 am Hope Mennonite Fellowship, North Battleford, SK
10- 7:00 pm Caleb Village, North Battleford, SK
15- 6:30 pm Creation Ministries night, Fairhaven Bible Chapel, SK
17- 3:30 pm Hope Restored Canada, Willows, Saskatoon, SK
24- 7:00 pm Bethlehem Lutheran Country Church, Outlook, SK


6- 2:00 pm Funeral, Hepburn, SK
6- 6:00 pm Gospel Message Radio Banquet, Bergthaler Church, Warman, SK
15- 10:30 am Community Thanksgiving Service, Seniors Centre, Blaine Lk, SK
15- 7:00 pm Thanksgiving Service, Mennonite Church, Horse Lake, SK
29- 9:45 am Home for Aged & Nursing Home Church services, Rosthern, SK
29- 7:00 pm Luther Heights Concert, Saskatoon, SK
30- 2:30 pm 100th Birthday Celebration, Rosthern, SK


24- 6 pm Community Christmas Banquet, Golden Age Center, Hepburn, SK
26- 7:00 pm Christmas Concert, Harry Lande Court, Saskatoon, SK
27- 6:30 pm Ladies Banquet, (H.& L.) Bay Park Baptist, Saskatoon, SK


1- 5:30 pm Associated Gospel Banquet, Community Hall, Biggar, SK
3- 3:00 pm Mennonite Nursing Home Concert, Rosthern, SK
3- 7:00 pm Community Carol Festival, Rosthern, SK
6- 9:45 am Spruce Manor, Dalmeny, SK
11- 6:00 pm Seniors Banquet, Cornerstone Church, SK
15- 2:00 pm Anniversary Concert, Saskatoon, SK
17- 11:15 am Fairhaven Bible Chapel, Saskatoon, SK