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Easter Program with Bible Study Group

For the past 3 Sundays a group of us from Fairhaven Bible Chapel  did an Easter program at 5 different locations. The following pictures are from Porteous Lodge, the final progam.

A Group Song

There were 3 songs with the whole group- “All Glory To Jesus”, “Born To Die”, and “Wonderful Grace of Jesus!”


The Narrators

The narrators.


DSC03238 (2)

“How Deep the Father’s Love”




Man of Sorrows, What A Name!

“Man of Sorrows, What A Name!”


Youth Scripture Reciting!

The “young people” reciting  Bible passages about Jesus death and resurrection.


When I Survey the Wondrous Cross!

“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross!”


Watch the Lamb!

“Watch the Lamb”.


There Is Power In the Blood

Jesse playing an arrangement of Tracey Ann Collins- “Power In the Blood”.


Its About the Cross!

“Its About the Cross!”


Andrew and I recited Luke 24: 1-7

Andrew and I recited Luke 24: 1-7


Christ the Lord Is Risen Today/ I Serve a Risen Saviour!

Our family playing for a congregational song- A medley of “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and “I Serve A Risen Saviour”.


Joyful Crown

Joshua playing “Joyful Crown”, a medley of “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” and “Crown Him with Many Crowns”


There Is Power in the Blood

“In the Sweet By and By”.


A Group Song

We finished off with “The Wonderful Grace of Jesus”!


(Thanks, Mrs. Noel, for sharing your pictures!)





Final Post about our Trip to the States!!!

This post will cover a few more things that we did on our trip but don’t have many pictures from, for example, the main reason we went on this trip in the first place was to sing at a few places!

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam and the bridge over it are quite a phenomenal site to see. Just to give you an idea of the size of the bridge (see below), the little dots you see along the upper edge are people!

Hoover Dam Bridge

Chocolate Factory

The Ethel M Chocolate Factory was somewhat interesting but by the time we got there it was mostly clean up that we could watch…the taste tests were great though!

A Joshua Tree

Joshua by the Joshua tree outside the chocolate factory.

San Clemente Beach

We made a brief stop at San Clemente Beach on our way down the coast between L. A. and San Diego. The flowers are blooming, the palm trees are swaying in the wind and it is beach weather in February!! (At least to people that come from SK.)

Creation Museum

It was a priviledge to sing at the Creation Museum on the outskirts of San Diego. This is where the creation movement to respond to the false view of evolution  began in North America. As you can see from the posters below, they are still going strong and have many activities happening. Unfortunately, we have no other pictures from there but if you visit their website you will find lots of pictures and information about a great place to visit to give you proof for the truth of what God said in the first part of Exodus 20:11, “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is.”

On the way to Yuma, we did a tour of a carrot farm that was being harvested in the desert.


There are many RV resorts in Yuma! (and many Canadian snowbirds!!) This one that we sang at has a well attended morning service every Sunday in the winter months.

This may not be a very clear picture but this is the best we have from Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ. The big Wurlitzer Pipe Organ is connected to all sorts of instruments all around the walls above. The organist plays about 40 minutes of every hour the restaurant is open and then his organ dissappears, circling down into the floor during his breaks. You can make special requests and he played both of ours, “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art”. In “Amazing Grace”, he was able to imitate the sound of bagpipes perfectly even though that is one instrument he does not have up on the walls connected into the organ.

We have so many interesting memories from this trip and are thankful to God for the opportunities and the safety He provided.