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Alberta Film Trip

I (Micah) recently went to Alberta to participate in a 1-week film challenge with a bunch of other people.  Sunday night at 10 pm we got a verse, an action and a prop we had to use in the film, and then went at it!

Organizing equipment before production started. The first day or two were scriptwriting, so I had plenty of time to rest, but the next 6 days we worked really long hours- the longest day we were up for about 21 hours!


Saw some amazing scenery along the way!


The script called for a thug which included assisting Justin Lewis (Polycarp, Remember,etc) to chase down Rich Swingle (Indescribable, Beyond the Mask, etc) and I got “voted” in to play the part- I even got a fake scar:)


On the weekend most of us attended the Badlands Passion Play out by Drumheller.


Down to the last few hours…I had to leave the afternoon of the last day, but everyone else was going hard at it. The film got submitted 7 minutes before the deadline.

It was a good experience to work on another set, especially on a Christian film!





By Derksen

Andrew has had some woodworking projects on the go these past few months. He has made a few cutting boards and crokinole boards for gifts and for sale.  He has spent many hours researching and creating these quality products! His business name is By Derksen. Please see the pictures below:

 In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury. Proverbs 14:23

Blooming Orchards

Our orchards are just finishing up the blooming stage. After no cherry crop last year, it was nice to see all the flowers on the trees.


The apple orchard. Even though it doesn’t look like much, the trees were pretty full of blooms this year.


Someone set up a bee hive in our orchard, so the bees were pouring in and out of it the past few weeks.


Wildlife around the yard.