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Nashville Touring

On the trip to Nashville, we visited a number of tourist sites, and also spent two full days flying.

The Tuesday morning that we left home, we woke up before 3:30 a.m. so we could catch an early flight out of Saskatoon. We had to get de-iced, because the temperature was sub-zero and foggy.


Toronto had just gotten a dusting of snow.


But in Nashville, the trees were almost finished flowering.


During one break in sessions at the film festival, we toured a farmyard right in Franklin TN. A Civil War battle was fought right next to this house.


Evidence of bullet holes.


A picture with the instructors of the film making course I took last fall. The film I made during that course won the Young Filmmakers Award.


Since the conference ended on Saturday night, we moved to a hotel in Nashville for the last 2 nights so we could be closer to the airport, etc. The church we went to on Sunday had a huge orchestra and choir.


On Sunday afternoon we went for a hike. (Heidi had flown in to join us on Friday.)


Here is a replica of the Greek Parthenon from Athens Greece, right in Nashville. It was quite interesting. Paul probably would have seen the original when he preached in Athens.


It was a massive structure!


The grand Ryman Auditorium, a famous concert hall.


A downtown pedestrian bridge.


An old fort right by the river. Unfortunately most everywhere else in downtown Nashville was a slop hole of partying. Especially since it was St. Patrick’s day weekend.


On Monday, we visited President Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. He was the seventh President of the United States.


Unfortunately there was a tornado watch, and warnings of hail, etc. So we didn’t spend as much time as we had planned, but it was quite interesting.


There were some unique trees down there!


We also went to an aquarium restaurant, where you eat right next to tons of fish, sting rays, etc. It was pretty cool!


Two divers were in the aquarium cleaning rocks!


We walked through the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. There was even a small waterfall!

At 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, we got up to fly out; Mom and I flew to Vancouver to meet up with Dad and Andrew. Heidi flew back to Saskatoon.

More pictures from Vancouver will be coming soon, Lord willing.


CWVFF 2018

Here is a few photos from the Christian Worldview Film Festival in Franklin Tennessee! Mom and I flew out on the 13th, to spend a week in the Nashville area, most of the time at the filmmakers guild and festival. We had a great time listening to speakers, meeting new people, and watching some great films.

To top it all off, Save Me and Derksen Family Farm Promo won runner up and winner in Young Filmmakers category! Praise the Lord!


A great session on the marks of true salvation by Stephen Kendrick.

Here are the two films that won awards.

I will be posting more pictures soon of the other things we did on the trip.

For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

Psalm 100:5

Leadership Race

Last Saturday, a few of us went to the Sask Party Leadership Convention in Saskatoon. There were five contenders for the position to replace Brad Wall, who announced his decision to step down last fall. The race was close, but it ended up being our MLA, Scott Moe, who won.

Here we are with our former Premiere Brad Wall. He was the 14th Premiere of our province, and won 3 consecutive majority terms as Premiere.

We appreciated Brad Wall’s openness about his faith, and his many good decisions for Saskatchewan.

“Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work,” Titus 3: 1

Other Things In San Antonio

After the CWVFF conference ended (in March…sorry we have been busy!), Dad and I went to pick up a car so we could get to the different tourist things that we were going to see during the next 2 days. It took about five minutes to get to the rental agency from our hotel with a shuttle. Once Dad got all the stuff figured out, we drove away and took the wrong turn (the GPS told us to) and went a long way away from where we wanted to go so finally we stopped and checked the GPS and realized that we had it set for the wrong place. When we got back close to the hotel, there were roads below us and above so we couldn’t tell which exit to take so we took the same wrong exit many times . We could see our hotel below us but we couldn’t get there. We finally decided not to rely on the GPS and we got to our hotel pretty quick! (about 45 min.)!

Sunday morning we attended a large Baptist Church that had a choir and orchestra. Here are a few pictures about other things we did after church and Monday before we flew out:

San Fernando Cathedral

Mom and Dad in front of the San Fernando Cathedral. This Cathedral is in downtown San Antonio and when it gets dark they have a laser light show on the front of the cathedral about the history of  Texas. We didn’t want to stay there till the evening so we didn’t see it.


Scooter Power Tours

One of the highlights was going on the Scooter Power Tour! The scooters went up 20 mph! We went on a 2 hour tour.


The Alamo

Mom decided not to come on the scooter tour, but instead tour the Alamo which is a famous fort in Texas history.


Scooter Power Tours

Dad, Micah and I on the scooter tour in front of the downtown area of the River Walk which is a famous 15 mile network of walk ways along the banks of the San Antonio River. There are barges floating down the river giving tours and many restaurants along the walkway.


Natural Bridge Cavern

Another thing we did was go to the Natural Bridge Cavern.



Stalagmites and Stalactites that joined together to make some columns.

We had an enjoyable time at San Antonio and hope  we can go back again someday.

Psalm 24:1 – The earth is the Lord‘s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.