Living Waters

On Thursday, February 19, we had a tour at Living Waters Publications. It was interesting to meet Ray Comfort and his staff. The night before we came, the Living Waters parking lot was filled with cameras and actors. They were filming a scene of “Audacity”, their newest movie. We got to watch a couple clips of a scene with an EMT, who was actually Ray Comfort’s “favorite” atheist friend:)


We also got to see Ray Comfort’s very humorous side. The whole bookstore area was covered in different funny signs.  He also had a whole Bible in one picture frame. Those words were mighty hard to read, even with a magnifying glass!



If you blow this picture up, you will see: “Stand up. I’m just a man!” We all bent down on our knees to see what the tiny print said:)


the Derksens with the Duggars

Upon coming out of the building, who of all people should we see but Josh and Anna Duggar getting out of their car! They were doing some work with Ray Comfort.

We had an awesome time, and pray that the Lord would use us and the tracts we bought for His glory.

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