Summer and Fall!

We have had a busy time with Jesse’s graduation, weeding,  cherry picking, helping with Joshua’s house, picking apples, digging potatoes, starting carrot harvest and many other things!

Jesse's grad picture

After 12 years of hard work Jesse graduated from school. We had a short program including a graduation song  and a few words of encouragement from one of Jesse’s friends and a farmer Jesse has worked for. And then, of course, lots of food!


Cherry picking

Cherry picking went well except for this variety which had a lot of mold so we just picked a few.


Picking apples

Dad picking some delicious apples. Other people in our family do help pick too 🙂 . You can click here to see the price list.


The sunrise

A picture of the sunrise down the road.


Hawk with his ball

Hawk and his ball. He enjoys playing fetch and watching the yard.


Drone picture

When the guy Jesse works for harvested our field, Micah and I used his drone to take some pictures and videos.


The wheat

The wheat about to be harvested.


The sun

Micah got this picture of the sun shining through the harvest dust.



We dug many potatoes this year with a borrowed plow. (This is only part of them). We have several varieties of red, white, purple and Yukon gold.


The basement

They just poured the basement recently at Joshua’s house so we put in the stairs and framed the basement.


Insulation and poly

We then insulated the main floor. And you can see that they also did the poly.


The house

We worked hard to finish the stone and got done just before the weather got cold and snowy!



Another event I attended in Regina on Oct. 1st, along with Mom and Dad, was Levi’s graduation from the CPA/CGA program .

We also got most of our chickens butchered at a Hutterite Colony that is a federally inspected facility and then butchered the last few along with some friends’ chickens. We haven’t  dug many carrots yet so I don’t have any pictures…the snow has to melt first!

Another bit of exciting news is that Joshua got engaged on  August 27 to Shaylyn Fehr. Their wedding is on January 7, 2017.

Even though we didn’t want snow now, we know that, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22.


2 thoughts on “Summer and Fall!

  1. Beautiful photography. My favorite is the drone picture of the harvest. Congratulations to Joshua on his engagement and Levi on his graduation and Jesse on completing his high school. Lots of celebrations!

  2. What a busy time for all and looks like lots happening and LOTS of exciting news. Congratulation Jesse on completing high school. Congratulations are in order for Levi on his CPA/CGA grad and to Joshua on his engagement. How exciting for you all. May God bless you in your next step in your lives. (Hope I got that all straight!) Will be an exciting and busy time in these next few months for the wedding and house preps. Peter’s Dad had told us about Shaylyn is engaged and we connected these through you!
    Love The Walls

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