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Spring Work!

This week we have started doing some spring work. We now have carrots, onions, peas, potatoes, melons and much more in the ground.

Micah Rototilling

Micah rototilling.

Planting clover.

Planting clover.

Planting carrots.

Planting carrots.

 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Genesis 8:22.

Jamestown, Colorado

On February 20th,  Jesse, Dad and I went with an MDS group to Jamestown, Colorado to work on rebuilding homes. Jamestown was a mining town way back when, so it is situated by a small mountain creek.

James Creek

Back in September of 2013 James Creek turned into a raging torrent that flooded the town, requiring evacuation for everyone. So, now in 2016, MDS is finishing up their work in the town, and we went to help. MDS is working on 2 houses, 1 nearing completion, and another, just recently started. Here is some before and after pictures of the house we were mainly working on.

At first

I don’t have pictures of the concrete being poured into the wall forms on Monday or preparing everything for the trusses on Tuesday but this is what it looked like Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.


Wednesday at 5:00

Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.


The End of the Week!

Friday afternoon! The first sheet of hardy board is up! We left work a little early on Friday to do some hiking, which I will post about later. This area was already shaded and cold. Up across the valley we hiked in the sun!


A wrecked house!

One of the ladies we were building for used to live in this house which was mostly carried away in the flood.


A wrecked house!

Another house in town that got the side washed out!



The group leader that brought us down from SK, slipped and fell on the icy streets as we were walking to the job site the morning after it snowed over 8 inches! He ended up having a problem with his back, so Dad went with him to Boulder hospital twice during the week.

Here are some pictures of us working.

Jesse helping sheet the roof

Jesse helping to sheet the roof (he’s the one handing the sheet of OSB up in this picture).

Jesse helping sheet the roof

Dad nailing on hurricane clips

Dad nailing hurricane clips to the rafters. Yes, I did work too, but was the one who took most of the pictures:) I worked on papering and strapping the house, insulating in the attic of the other house, clean up, etc.


The other house.

The other house (they are side by side) is nearing completion. it was started in the beginning of January. Dad and Jesse spent a day and a half in the crawl space that was barely big enough to crawl in, spreading poly for radon barrier.


Pulling the rafter truck up!

The truss truck was stuck! One of the tires on the far side isn’t even touching the ground. A track hoe fortunately was digging the sewer system, so we got it to come pull it out!

Pulling the rafter truck up!

Coming up the hill.

Pulling the rafter truck up!

A lot of the houses in town are up on the sides of the hills. Including the two we were working on. After it snowed, it was very icy, and the trucks were trying to get up the hills and would be slipping all over and getting stuck!



A house on a hill!

The scenery was just beautiful and we were thankful to God to have this great opportunity to serve here.




Choppin’ Trees

On Remembrance Day the older boys and Dad pruned most of the orchard. Here are some pictures:


They had two chainsaws and a reciprocating saw going.


Hualing branches

Joshua with an armload of branches.



A row of branches.


The skid steer

The skid steer with grapple.



A load of branches.


Branch pile

Micah standing in front of the huge branch pile. Time to roast hot dogs!